Hair care for the salon

Avivage Shampoo

For beautiful hair with a silky shine and a velvety smooth texture as well as a healthy scalp with well-balanced natural functions.

Avivage shampoos contain exquisite, high-quality natural raw materials such as hair-related proteins (amino acids), D-panthenol (provitamin B5), hydrolized ceratine, aloe vera extract, horse chestnut extract, jojoba oil, camomile extract, vitamins A, E, F, H, B5 and hydrolized wheat protein.

The comprehensive Avivage shampoo series offers protection and care for every hair and scalp type.

JOJOBA HYDRO EFFECT SHAMPOO for supple and healthy looking hair and a well-cared scalp thanks to a perfect moisture supply.

VITAMIN REPAIR SHAMPOO for a perfect shine, superior care and healthy look.

PRO-REFLEX-SHAMPOO offers special hair care for an enhanced hair colour. A radiant shine, brilliance and long-lasting colouration.

VOLUME-PLUS-SHAMPOO adds strength and fullness to thin, fine and delicate hair.

HAIR & BODY-SHAMPOO for a fresh and active start to a new day.

ANTI DANDRUFF CAMOMILE SHAMPOO for intensive treatment and care in cases of dry or greasy dandruff and a sensitive scalp.

ALOE VERA ANTI GREASE SHAMPOO for mild cleansing of fine and oily hair.

CLEANSING-CLEAR-SHAMPOO for the removal of residues, such as styling products and the preparation for chemical treatments.

Avivage Treatments

Avivage Treatments regulate the moisture household of the hair and protect the hair from dehydration as well as environmental aggressors.

Enhances the lustre and the appeal of colourations, curls or waves.

TWIN PHASE Boosting and regenerating spray treatment with hydro active formula. Ideal for dry, stubborn, extremely stressed hair, as well as tinted, coloured, lightened, bleached, highlighted or permed hair.

CARE CONDITIONER Structure boosting rinse with regenerating, balancing compound and anti-split-end effect.

HAIR-MASQUE Intensive balm to regenerate the hair structure. A rich masque for intensive hair-care and the protection of dry, extremely damaged hair with dry ends and hair susceptible to split ends.

KERATIN HAIR COMPLEX Regenerating boost to hair structure and special care with depth effect thanks to liquid ceratine modules for normal and stressed hair.

ANTISTATICUM Spray treatment with an immediate, vitalizing effect (structurizer). For natural hair flow and outstanding styling properties. Adds elasticity and shine and enhances natural curls and permed hair.


Styling products for use in hair salons and at home

For a creative look and breath taking styling – Ecco. Care and protection as an added bonus.

Ecco styling products contain high-quality ingredients such as panthenol (vitamin B5), special polymers that do not strain or stress the hair, as well as natural organic alcohol.

THERMO-STYLING-SPRAY Stabilizing setting spray with special heat protectant.

STRUCTURE ENHANCER Extra strong setting spray with care factor.

HAIR SPRAY Universal hair spray for a natural elastic hold and a silky shine.

FORMING-MOUSSE Alcohol-free setting foam for a strong hold. With conditioning effect.

STYLING-SPRAY Extra-strong hair spray with elasticity enhancer.

VOLUME-SPRAY Volume-forming styling and finishing spray.

HAIR-SHAPER Forming and shaping cream for creative hairstyles, ensuring a permanent and elastic hold.

PURE-GLOSS Hair care fluid with super gloss effect.

LABOOM-GELLY Hair-shaping gel for a long-lasting elastic hold of creative styles.